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Medical Comfort Transportation
(Ambulatory Transportation)

Our Medical Comfort Transportation(Ambulatory Transportation) services is the perfect solution for those who need some help with their mobility needs. ON CALL Transportation Services offers hassle-free solutions that allow individuals to remain independent while getting from place to place on time, safely and comfortably.

If your patient or resident is able to walk with support, sit upright for the duration of the ride, and transfer safely in and out of a passenger vehicle(with or without support), then our Medical Comfort Transportation fleet is the right choice for you.

Vip Ride
wheelchair trans.jpg

Wheelchair Transportation

If you ever need wheelchair transportation, On Call Transportation Services will always be standing by to assist you. For appointments with doctors, physical therapy, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, in and outpatient hospital visits, adult care facilities, and other types of medical appointments.


Ambulance Services

We’re equipped to transport passengers of any level of mobility.  Whether you’re in a stretcher, We’ve got the ride for you. Your safety, comfort, and positive experience are our top priority All vehicles from our fleet are customized to make traveling more convenient for people with different medical conditions.

Emergency Vehicles

Special Event Coverage

ON CALL provides, medical stand-by service for your special events. We offer stand-by medics, and one or multiple ambulances for your event depending on the risks involved and number of participants. ON CALL is ready to give any necessary medical assistance at any event big or small including but not limited to: sporting events, concerts, rodeos, car races, 5K races, company events, conventions and much more. ON CALL is ready to serve the community. 

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